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MCN 2016 Sessions – Examining the EDGE (Exhibit Design for GIrls Engagement) Data



Examining the EDGE (Exhibit Design for GIrls Engagement) Data

Thursday, November 3, 2016 10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Session Leader : Miriam Langer, Professor of Media Arts, NMHU
Co-Presenter : Toni Dancstep, Senior Researcher, Exploratorium
The Exploratorium lead an NSF study to observe 1000 girls ages 8-13 engaging in hands-on science exhibits. This extensive research was a response to the NSF statement that parents “explain science to boys at 3x the level explained to girls”. By collecting and analyzing data over 2 years, the EDGE (Exhibit Design for Girls Engagement) group distilled ten key design attributes that lead to better engagement by girls. As part of the initial dissemination team, I’ll discuss the EDGE findings and how we might extrapolate from hands-on exhibit engagement to digital environments.



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