We’d love you to organize your own gathering to celebrate MCN’s 50th anniversary. Below is a simple toolkit to get you started. MCN can promote your event, and would love to share photos and stories. A budget is available for some of these, so contact us early! Questions? Email us at [email protected]




Past Birthday Parties
Check out #MCN50 on Twitter for some photos from the events.

Upcoming Birthday Parties:

Toolkit for your Birthday Party:

  • Let us know about your event at least 2 weeks before the date so MCN has time to promote the event on social media ahead of time and to send you #MCN50 badges. Once you have a date, let us know at [email protected], or contact Susan Edwards.
  • Limited funds may be available for these parties, after submitting an itemized budget in advance. You can buy attendees a drink or appetizers, order a cake, buy supplies for a party game, etc.
  • MCN will provide basic history of the organization in a few easy to communicate factoids and ask organizer to mention at the event in some way.
  • MCN to provide MCN and MCN50 logos to organizers for use, and #MCN50 badges.
  • Take lots of photos and video and share those on social media using #MCN50 hashtag.
  • We suggest you invite people in the MCN community and reach out to people in your area who may not know of MCN and may like to be introduced to it.
  • Ask one or more people to write up a short blog post about the event to be posted on MCN’s blog.
  • (optional) Have a theme for the meeting related to museums & technology.
  • (optional) Ask one or more people to speak to the topic.
  • (optional) Plan a group activity or game.
  • (optional) Have cake with MCN logo on it.