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50 years of advancing technology in museums

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of MCN and pay tribute to the history of our vibrant community, we planned a series of events and activities that took place across the globe, in person, and online throughout 2017. We wanted to:

  • Recognize past accomplishments, as well as past and current leaders and volunteers.
  • Celebrate the value of our community and our mission, and create new connections and networks of support.
  • Reinforce that MCN is a future-looking organization.
  • Re-dedicate MCN’s mission so that we can remain relevant and create new models of professional development that will carry us into the next 50 years.

MCN50 celebrations kicked off at the end of the 2016 conference in New Orleans, and continued throughout 2017.

The three areas of focus for the anniversary were:

  1. MCN Archives
    Join us as we unearth the history of our field. We’re planning in-person “Archives Dig” meet-ups at the Smithsonian; hope to crowd-source data gathering, visualization, and digital scanning; and will host a blog series about the history of MCN.
  1. Professional Development
    Get a mentor, be a mentor, join a peer mentor group. Learn how our jobs have evolved over the past 50 years through oral histories with leaders, mentoring conversations and interviews, and monthly webinars sponsored by each of the SIGs.
  1. Local, In-person Gatherings
    Connect with your peers in your own city and in social media, including monthly meet-ups, an around-the-globe meet-up, and regular in-person events focused on the MCN archives and professional development projects.

1967, really? Yes really. Read all about MCN’s history.