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Meet the Digital Asset Management SIG


A group of people around a table at the Digital Asset Management SIG happy hour, 2017

Photos, videos, audio files! Every museum produces thousands of them – documenting collections, capturing events and exhibitions, marketing the work of the institution. Digital Asset Managers are here to organize, preserve and make accessible all of these priceless assets for research and reuse.  Our SIG supports knowledge sharing, strategy and best practices for DAMS based on the practical knowledge gained through years of experience implementing and working on these systems.  

We have a robust Basecamp group where members share tricky situations and pesky problems to generate solutions – there’s always someone in the group who’s tackled something similar! We also like to collaborate with other SIGs because content users, producers and intrepid IT professionals all have valuable feedback on how these systems function. 

Our interests go beyond what is already available and into what’s coming up in advances in imaging techniques, making connections in meaningful ways through machine learning and feeding new frontiers such as augmented and virtual reality.

We’re a fun SIG that likes to chat about metadata during happy hour – keep your eyes peeled for one coming up soon!

Interested in joining the DAM SIG? 

Fill out the Google form here, someone will be in touch shortly.


CO-CHAIR – David Garfinkel, Senior Digital Asset Manager Technician, The Metropolitan Museum of Art





















Drumroll: the MCN 2019 program is live!


That’s right: after reviewing proposals and solving the puzzle that is the conference schedule, we’re thrilled to announce that the MCN 2019 program is now live: view program and schedule here.

Congratulations to all our presenters. They bring a variety of themes, topics, and formats that will surely make for both an exciting conference and impact on our sector. 

This year, in addition to searching the program by speaker, date, etc., you can also search by track. Content, experience, systems, strategy, and evaluation—each track describes session’s primary theme. MCN’s SIGs endorsed sessions, as well. Check them out: 

  • Data & Insights: Data governance, ethics and privacy
  • Digital Asset: Designing DAMS for Storytelling
  • Digital Imaging: High-quality Imaging in Small Museums: Making It Possible
  • Human-Centered Design SIG: Designing through Centering: A Community Engaged Approach
  • Educational & Interpretive Media: One Size Does Not Fit All: Turning Constraints into Opportunities
  • Intellectual Property: Open Access 2.0: Rethinking Open Access
  • Information Technology: So many files! Structuring the Lifecycle of User Files in a Museum Network Environment (on-prem and cloud)
  • International Image Interoperability Framework SIG
  • Media Production and Branding: Heroes to Pixar: Strategies for Creating Stories Using Your Collections
  • Social Media: How to Avoid, Handle, and Recover from Burnout in Digital Communications
  • Strategy: When culture eats strategy, make sure it’s delicious

We’d also like to recognize the many contributions of the MCN 2019 Program Committee. They’ve dedicated hours to reviewing sessions, defining our theme, establishing tracks—and more. Thanks to their support and hard work, we are able to deliver a program we are truly proud of.

For questions about your session(s), and specifically change requests, please use the Program Change Request form (not email).

For questions about registration, email [email protected]. And now, make sure you register and book your hotel.

We’re counting down the days until San Diego!


Your MCN 2019 Conference Program co-chairs
Andrea Montiel de Shuman, Andrea Ledesma, and Eric Longo